Strength & Conditioning

"The Pain You Feel Today Is The Strength You Feel Tomorrow..."

ReWind Strength and Conditioning

A training center where:

  • Strength training
  • Conditioning
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics (Bodyweight movements)
  • Powerlifting

are offered under supervision of a qualified coach. Strength training at ReWind Strength and Conditioning is always given in a structured fashion whereby we focus on a specific goal, whereas the Strength and Conditioning program seeks constantly varied training. These sessions include barbells, bumperplates, sand bags, kettlebells, bodyweight movements, atlas stones and sledges combined with conditioning on apparatus such as the Concept2 rower or ski-erg. All our trainings are suitable for all individuals regardless of level.

Besides these workouts we also offer specialised training such as: Marauder workout, Olympic Weightlifting and pre/post pregnancy classes.

All with one common goal: Release The Winner Inside (ReWind)!

These trainings combined with sportmassages and physiotheraphy sessions per request helps ReWind Strength and Conditioning realise your goals.

The ReWind SC Community

The passionate, driven and certified coaches and the athletes together form the ReWind SC community of ReWind Strength and Conditioning in Zwolle.

ReWind Strength and Conditioning athletes can be a young or old, beginning or professional athlete, but all with a common goal: overall fitness!

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Are you looking for diversity in the quest for overall fitness?

Sign up for a trial class or drop in and experience the ambiance!