The Box

What is a box?

What is a Strength and Conditioning Box?

A Box. Not a gym with sunbeds, complicated equipment, sauna, smoothiebar and mirrors on the walls. Our Box is multifunctional space, fitted with rubber floors, bars to hang from, boxes to jump on and weights you lift above your head. Our Strength and Conditioning Box in Zwolle is equipped with the newest and best materials required to improve the physical performance of an athlete.

We do not just focus on strength, stamina and agility or flexibility, but on the combination of the fitness elements and six others to give a new meaning to the term ‘fit’.

Your current fitness level is not relevant!

What is Strength and Conditioning(SC)?

Strength & Conditioning is a collective name for Olympic weightlifting, strength training, kettlebell training, jumping on a box, sprinting or jumping rope. In other words: these are the tools we use to improve the performance of an athlete. By applying the other ten fitness domains that you can find in our box, our goal is to improve the overall fitness of an athlete. We go back to the basics!

The Strength and Conditioning programming that we apply is partially based on the CrossFit methodology. Headcoach Paul programmes the workouts in blocks of 4 to 6 weeks based on the movements and needs of the ReWind athletes. Besides these workouts, we also offer specialized workouts like: Strength classes, Marauder Workouts, Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman and pre/post pregnancy classes.

All with one common goal: Release The Winner Inside(ReWind)!

Curious to see our Box and experience ReWind SC in Zwolle? Visit our Box in the South of Zwolle.

Box etiquette

Are you looking for diversity to become allround fit?

1.Be on time
2.Check your ego at the door
3.Introduce yourself
4.Don’t break down your equipment until everyone has finished the workout
5.No ghost-riding the barbells-ever
6.Treat empty barbells like they were your baby

7.Check your surroundings and stick to your equipment
8.Kindergarten rules still apply
9.Clean off your bars
10.Don’t use too much chalk
11.Embrace the suck!
12.Come prepared for class